Today, Piscean Technologies has developed into a modern and established corporation. Besides having our own manufacturing facilities and R&D laboratory in the Singapore headquarters, our China (Suzhou, Guangdong & Fujian) offices and factories are also equipped with comprehensive laboratory and production facilities. With plans to set up new branches in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, we hope to be able to cater to the increasing demand for effective and eco-friendly textile and laundry products in the industry. Piscean's products are now supply to over 20+ countries including China, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

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No 9, Xie Tang District, Suzhou Industrial Park,     
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Our Products
Our range of products starts with bio-chemicals like alpha amylases, cellulases, proteases, and extends to pretreatment, dyeing aids, post treatment and special effect chemicals. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheets(Under Products) available or contact us for further details.


Enzyme Solutions

Desizing/Starch Removing: Pelite CWL, Pimaze V60 Conc. High activity with broad operational temperature of 30oC � 100oC & broad pH range of 5.0 � 9.0. Treated goods yield softer hand feel, excellent wettability and absorption; free from problems otherwise associated with sizes in fabrics.


Alkaline Enzymatic Scouring for Cellulosic & Blends: Piscean Bioscour GX-1/SX series. Ease to use and environmental friendly. Non-cellulosic impurities can be effectively removed from woven, knitted & yarns of cellulosic fibres at an economical cost.


Weak Acid Type Enzymatic Scouring for Knits: Piscean Bioscour APL. Design and developed exclusively for use on cellulosic knits to dissolve pectins, natural waxes and other impurities in cellulosic fibres. To effectively enhance the hydrophilicity and ability of the fabric to absorb auxiliaries, chemicals and dyes. Treated fabrics may not need to be bio-treated with cellulases. Operational from low to mid temperature range.


Weak Acid Type Low Temperature Enzymatic Scouring for Woven Fabric: Piscean Bioscour DPL. Functional at ambient to warm (30oC � 60oC) temperature. Effective in removing natural starches, pectins, natural waxes, ashes and other cellulosic fabric impurities. Increases hydrophilicity and woven fabric抯 absorption to chemicals, auxiliaries and dyes.


Enzymatic Hydrogen Peroxide Scavengers: Perozyme K8, Percatalase 6Y. Highly effective in the scavenging of the remnant peroxide after Hydrogen Peroxide scouring and bleaching. Operational at wide pH range of 5.0 � 9.0, temperatures of 30oC � 70oC. Does not contain any animal extracts. Excellent storage stability at below 300C.


Weak Acid Type (pH 4.5 � 5.5), Low to Medium Temperature Effective Cellulosic Fabric Polisher: Piscean B28KL, CX50L, S35L, D33KLi. Highly active and effective. Yields brightness, hydrophilicity, permanent fabric softness & prevents pilling. Colour retention & colour pull types for selection.


Acid to Neutral pH (pH 5.0 � 7.5) Type, Medium Temperatures (45oC � 60oC) Cellulosic Fabric Polisher: Biosoft K3. Easy to use; no adjustment of pH of bath required. Dyed fabric抯 colour retention and fabric tear strength will be enhanced. Excellent batch to batch reproducibility, due to straight use, without having the need to adjust bath pHs.

Enzyme Powder

Medium to High Temperature (45oC � 60oC) Effective Powder Type Cellulase Enzyme: Piscean EE757i, EE758, MAXX125. Highly concentrated enzyme with minimal amount of backstaining. Contains chelating and water softening chemicals. Treated Indigo garments will yield bright and contrasting grayish cast abrasion effects.

Low to Medium Temperatures (25oC � 50oC) Effective Type Cellulase Enzyme: Piscean 3BSP, BTS75. Concentrated enzyme primarily used to achieve high contrast stonewash effects on denims garments with very minimal backstaining. Treated Denims exhibits excellent abrasion contrasts with slight grayish cast. Colour retention properties.


Anti-backstaining Powders

1.       Antistain GX: Specially developed polymeric product designed to control back-staining of unfixed dyes in the wet treatment of indigo denim garments. Also acts as a buffer to control the bath pH.


2.       Antistain C10KI:  Weak anionic compounded water based polymers. Dilutable 1+9 with warm water to form stable viscous solution. Excellent dispersing, wetting and suspending properties. Applicable in the powder formulation of cellulase enzyme products to enhance antibackstaining and enzymic activity of cellulose enzymes of cellulose enzymes; create more prominent and brighter abrasion effects on denim fabrics and garments. Applicable in processes such as desizing, bleaching, stone washing and dyeing.


3.       Antistain OP10K: Weak cationic polymer blend with added water based lubricants. Excellent dispersing, suspending, wetting and anti-creasing properties. Applicable in the powder formulation of amylase / cellulase enzyme products to enhance enzymic activity, and create more prominent and brighter abrasion effects on denim fabrics and garments. Enhances effects in processes such as desizing, bleaching, stone washing, soaping and dyeing.


4.       Antistain OP32K: Non ionic / anionic blended water soluble polymers. Dilutable 1+9 in warm water. Contains effective anti-crease, wetting, dispersing, particles suspending and emulsifying properties. Enhances desizing, bleaching, enzymic washing, stone washing, dyeing and soaping processes.


5.       Antistain OP70K: High active, multi polymers / surfactant blend. Non-ionic. Possess excellent anti backstaining properties with low foaming, wetting, dispersing, penerating and anti-creasing all-in-one. About 8 � 10 times more effective than OP10K. Used in the formulation of powder cellulase enzyme products to enhance enzymic activity and to create more prominent and brighter abrasion effects on denim fabrics and garments. Does not cause colour pull to indigo denim fabrics.



Liquid type Enzyme Enhancers / Antibackstaining Surfactant Polymers

  1. Antistain OP3000, OP3300, OP6000: Highly concentrated. Applicable can in desizing, bleaching, enzymic washing / stone washing processes. Recommended to be diluted up to 3 with suitably treated warm water before use. 
  2. Antistain DP7E, IDE: Environmental friendly product that does not contain any APEOs or marine pollutants. Specially formulated with surface active ingredients to control cross and backstaining during textile and garment washing, bleaching and soaping processes.


Speedy Multi Cellulase Acid Type Powder: Piscean MB200S. Applicable in warm, weak acid pH (4.5 � 5.5). Effective for heavy guage cotton fabrics and canvass weave. Cellulosic fabric surface polishing to give a clean grain look & fabrics hydrophilicity, extra soft and voluminous hand-feel.


Enzymatic Protease Series: Protease L1000. High activity wool fibres / protein fibre polisher, able to swiftly remove wool-fibre scales to create softer, cleaner and shining effects. Operational at warm temperature range (50oC � 70oC) and weak alkaline conditions (pH 7.5 � 9.0). Use to acheive sand washing on protein fibre fabric. Yields a soft hand feel.


Chemicals Aids



  1. Cationic Softener: Pisoft Q95, Silkysoft 90. Treated goods retain its wetting properties while its softness, hydrophilicity, breathability and anti-static properties are greatly enhanced. Most products are made from plant extracts; do not consist of animal extracts.

  1. Antiozone Softener: AK series. Effective cationic antiozone softness to treat premature yellowing of indigo denim garments. Impart protective colloids over indigo dyes and softness to fibres.

  1. Weak Anionic Softener: Pisoft QD2000MB, Pisoft QD8. Made from advance absorbent cosmetic raw materials. Treated goods will yield hydrophilic, fluffy, non-yellowing, high water absorbancy, high wicking and extremely good lubricating effects. Ideal to be used for hosiery, 100% cotton knits, especially on white fabrics.

  1. Non Ionic Polymer Softener: Pisoft B200. Prill type concentrated softener which yields lubricating type, bulky soft hand feel with anti-static properties. Imparts anti-static, strong  hydrophilicity and superior anti-tear, anti wear strength to treated fabrics.

  1. Silicone Softener: Pisicons WS123E, WS800K, WS128E: Micro to nano size amino reactive silicone softeners. Applicable from low to high temperatures, yields slick and soft handfeel to treated fabrics at economical costs.

  1. Softonic Conc: Alkaline pH (up to pH 9.5), high temperatures (up to 95oC) resistant, spot free silicone emulsions with high active contents. Yields hydrophilic soft hand feel. Non-yellowing.


Scouring/Wetting/Dispersing/Emulsifying Agents

  1. Pidet TOP / TOP-100: Non ionic, low foam, fast wetting, emulsifying and dispersing properties. Multi purpose very low foaming surface active agent which is stable in strong alkaline conditions. Excellent in penetrating and detergency properties.

  1. Pidet SW777: Anionic / non ionic formulated surfactants. Superior and extra fast wetting agent. Excellent stability in strong alkaline baths, suitable for use in scouring, bleaching, dyeing, mercerising, reducing bath finishings.

  1. Pidet XL180: Environmental friendly non-ionic surface active agent with high penetrating and dispersing power. Suitable for use as a scouring aid, for pre-treatment of 100% cotton knitted fabrics amd cotton blends. Good compatibility with hard water and strong alkaline. Compatible with enzymes treratments.

  1. Pidet LF Conc: Low foam, eco-friendly, non-ionic surface active agent, specially designed for multi-purpose applications in textile and garment wet processing use. Very versatile product that resist acidic and alkaline baths, endure hard water, oxidating conditions under high temperatures. Suitable for desizing, bleaching, dyeing, soaping and enzymatic treatments. Applicable in jet, winches, pad bath, pad steam processes.

Silicone Based Defoamer: Piscean Jetconc. Emulsified organic silicone stable, non-ionic emulsion: Applicable over a broad temperature and pH range. Very effective in low dosages. Use in various textile and garment wet processes below 100oC.


Dispersants: Optisan 2003, Optisan Conc. Blended anionic polycondensatied product: a dispersing and emulsifying, wetting and levelling agent for dyeing of polyester, polyamide, acetate and other blends. Applicable in reduction clearing process and dyeing of indigo denims in slashes.


Sequesting Agent: Pisequest 1000P. Organic chelating agent with polyphosphonate derivatives designed to be primarily used as a water softening agent. Excellent stability to acid, alkaline, oxidative and reductive conditions of use. Good compatibility with most textile auxiliaries. Enhance degree of white during peroxide bleaching.




Anti Bacteriacide: Piscean AB500. Durable anti-bacterial treatment aids for cellulosic and fabrics. Easy application, durable efficacy. Greatly improves fabric抯 tear strength overtime: Suitably treated cellulosic fabric抯 antibacterial properties can withstand up to 100 times of home laundry washing.


Water / Oil / Dust Repellent Aids: Piscean Hydroil Guard Series. Weak cationic, polymeric types. Does not influence fabric colour, softness. Yields durable water, oil and dirt repellent. Treated fabrics experience smoother hand-feel effects with improved form retention.


Crocking Aids: Piscean CRG. Heavily formulated with high quality polymeric softeners and cross-linking agent to improve the dry and wet crock-fastness in fabrics and garments.


Optical Brightener: Piscean Pisobright Series.Anionic stilbene derivatives. Stable to light, good compatibility with other textile chemicals. Excellent dispersing and penetrating ability. Available in neutral, reddish, bluish and violet tints.


Anti-Crease Agents: Piscean Crease Out series. Water based, non-ionic polymeric compounds. Suitable for use on wet processing of cellulosic fabrics, indigo denims, wool, polyester, nylon and their blends. Improve softness, prevent crease formation, improve seam slippages, elasticity of fabrics and garments. Antistatic. Very low foaming. It is resistant to acidic and alkaline conditions and presence of electrolytes in bath.


Dye Fixing Agents: Cellufix RD Series. Multi-amine polymer compound. Non-formaldehyde content, strong cationic, does not influence colour of cellulosic fabrics. Remarkably enhancing dyed cellulosic fabrics� washing, perspiration and other fastness properties.


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