About Us

Piscean Technologies Pte Ltd  was established in September 1990 in Singapore with the aim to revolutionize traditional harmful chemical products and excessive procedures used in the textile dyeing,  finishing mills and industrial laundries.

Over the years we have continually fine-tuned existing products to be more eco-friendly by reducing the number of  bath cycles,  industrial waste water discharge, reducing COD and BOD of effluent, improving cost / performance of products used.

We have achieved this throughout the years since our company’s inception and by following the fashion trends closely so that our products remain relevant. Every year our chemists in R&D will develop new improved products in order to match the latest fashion requirements and in the most efficient and  environment eco-friendly way.

We are  determined to develop advanced innovative applications of fine eco-friendly chemicals both in the textile dyeing, finishing mills and the ever fashion conscious industrial laundries. We are involved in the R&D programmes with renowned institutions,  universities to keep up with the latest water and waste water treatment technologies, nano materials and new materials research.

The majority of our products have been Ecotex 100 certified.

In alignment with our aim to provide eco-friendly and cost effective solutions, we are manufacturing (OEM) solar film products that are ideal for architectural and automotive windows. These smart window films feature high shielding effects against IR heat penetration and harmful UV irradiation, while allowing the transmission of visible light and maintaining high transparency and clarity of building and car windows. By upgrading their windows with the solar film coatings, users will experience remarkable reduction of indoor temperature and be able to conserve energy required for air-conditioning.

Headquarter – based in Singapore with factories set up in China ( Suzhou ) , Malaysia ( Cemerlang ) etc,  the application programmes start off in our own and clients’ laboratories, finally applying the fine-tuned know-how at clients’ production sites.

Do contact us directly at the email adress given if you are interested in our products / services or have any queries in  tailor-made eco – friendly chemical systems.


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