Besdet HP

BESDET HP is an environmentally friendly, textile industry use concentrated fast penetrating surfactant detergent specially designed for the scouring, bleaching and pretreatment preparation of greige cotton, cellulosic fabrics and its blended fibres prior to the dyeing and finishing processes.


BESDET HP during the scouring process for cotton or its blend readily removes non-cellulosic compononents of fabrics such as wases, pectins, lignin, ashes, mineral salts and size lubricants without any degradation to the fabrics. It yields better absorption of dyes and auxiliaries in the dye bath, enhances dye levelness for fabrics.


Advantages of BESDET HP:

  • improves wettability and re-wetting of materials treated
  • enhances batch reproducibility, degree of whiteness, softness of fabrics and yield of reactive and other dyes
  • reduces overall costs effluent treatment ( BOD, COD etc ) and process time
  • does not contain APEO and is ECOTEX 100 compliant.


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