Bioscour NPL

BIOSCOUR NPL is a weak acid to neutral pH, liquid type, combined enzymatic product designed for the bio-scouring and pretreatment preparation of knitted greige cotton, fabrics and cellulosic blended goods prior to the dyeing and finishing processes.

BIOSCOUR NPL processed in a mid temperature, one bath process removing non-cellulosic components of fabrics such as waxes, pectins, lignin, ashes, mineral salts and size lubricants without any degradation to the fabric tear strength. It yields better absorption of dyes and auxiliaries in the dye bath, enhancing dye evenness.

BIOSCOUR NPL improves batch reproducibility, softness of fabrics and enhanced yield of dyed batches; may omit totally the need to conduct cotton fabric surface fuzz clean up, reduces overall costs, including effluent treatment (BOD, COD etc) and process time.

BIOSCOUR NPL does not contain APEO and Ecotex 100 banned list of chemicals.

Advantages of using BIOSCOUR NPL

  • Saving of reactive dyes by 5-10%, especially on monosulphonated reactive dyes
  • Reduced pilling effect, may eliminate the fabrics surface clean-up process
  • increased treated cotton yield: BIOSCOUR NPL reduces cotton wastage
  • Increased absorbency: Increased dye depths, evenness of dyeing.
  • Increased fabrics softness & bulkiness, thereby reducing costs of softening (Yarn and knitted goods)
  • Reduced waste water pollution: No addition of other auxiliaries like: bleach stablilizer, wetting and emulsifying agents, detergents, defoamers.
  • Elimate neutralizing Chemicals, catalases, rinses.

Please contact us for more detailed  information on usage, packaging etc.