Biosoap V , V1

BIOSOAP   V and V1 are  eco-friendly  water soluble detergent powders designed for the reactive dye soaping treatment processes. They are to be used immediately after the reactive dyeing of cellulosic based fabrics.These  latest revolutionary products are based on advanced multi eco-friendly components which convert hydrolysed and unfixed reactive dyes into colourless or non-dyes in the liquid medium.

They are  environmentally  friendly and easy to use products which helps save energy, time and water consumption. They enhance washing, wet crock and other fastnesses of the treated reactive dyed cellulosic based fabrics.

BIOSOAP V and V1 are designed as a one-step-process product to remove and break down the unfixed dyes from the reactive dye soaping bath and dyed fabrics surfaces, thereby saving several baths’ water usage, cutting down dosage of cationic fixing agent, shorten the total duration of soaping, rinsing processes and enhance dyed fabric qualities.

Advantages of using BIOSOAP V and V1 in comparison with the conventional 4-6 baths of medium to dark coloured reactive dyeing soaping and rinsing method:

  1. Reduce water consumption: Save up to 2∼4 baths of water from the normal 4-6 baths of soaping and rinsing process (dark colours).
  2. Reduce energy consumption: The optimum bath temperature for this one step treatment is between 75ºC to 95ºC. This is the only bath that requires bath temperature settings.
  3. Reduce waste water / chemicals pollution: Process is simplified, discharged waste water is almost clear, colourless liquid ( dependant on dyes used). Use less, consume less.
  4. Reduce machine – and man- hours spent on the conventional method of rinsing and soaping procedures.
  5. Maintain better consistency in the quality of the dyed fabrics. Improved wash and wet crock,, other fastnesses of dyed cellulosic fabrics, due to the total conversion of unfix dyes into clear liquid and simplification of the soaping and rinsing process.

BIOSOAP V1  treatment can be done immediately after the cellulosic fabrics have undergone dyeing (light shades) and one time cold rinsing (medium to dark shades) process. Check bath pH = 4.5 – 7.0 , temperatures of 75ºC – 95ºC , dose in well dissolved fabric once with 60ºC water for 10 – 20 minutes if necessary  ( usually treatment bath solution is already clear ).

Please contact us for more info’s on User Recommendations and Physical Properties.

PACKINGS                : 30 kg/bag

STORAGE                 :

  • Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and heat source.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat source. Close the bag’s opening tight
  • when not in use to avoid possible contamination. When kept below
  • 30ºC the product is stable for at least six months from the date of
  • production.


TRANSPORT           : Product is not classified as hazardous and is not a marine pollutant.