Celluwhite N100

CELLUWHITE N100 is a concentrated powder form optical brightener intended for use on cellulosic materials: cotton, linen, rayon, jute, T/C etc.


It has excellent solubility and dispersability and is compatible with most non-ionic and an-ionic textile chemicals and auxiliaries. It is also stable in high temperature oxidative bleach applications in the presence of normal levels of electrolytes. It does not come with tint-effect. It has neutral white base.


The advantages of CELLUWHITE N100:

  • applicable on most processes
  • suitable for exhaust application
  • highly effective with good affinity to cellulosic materials
  • readily mixable in water
  • easy handling
  • good light-fastness
  • economical.


CELLUWHITE N100 is not hazardous for transportation and is not a marine pollutant.