Chemiscour P

CHEMISCOUR P is a combined chemical product designed for the scouring and pretreatment preparation of cotton, T/C goods prior to the dying and finishing processes.

CHEMISCOUR P in addition with hydrogen peroxides in a one bath process will remove cotton motes, breaking down pectin, lignin, natural cotton colourings, salt, waxes, ash and other cellulosic impurities before dyeing, thereby improving the evenness and absorption of dyes and auxiliaries in the dye bath.

Advantages of using CHEMISCOUR P, in comparison with the conventional caustic / hydrogen peroxide products:

  1. Increased treated cotton yield: CHEMISCOUR P reduces excessive cotton weight loss during the scouring process by conventional caustic and hydrogen peroxide bleach processes by about 3% to 5%.
  2. Increased dye depths, levelness of dyeing.
  3. Increased softness, thereby reducing costs of softening (Yarn and knitted goods)
  4. Reduced waste water pollution: No addition of other auxiliaries like: bleach stabilizer, wetting and emulsifying agents, detergents, defoamers.  Just CHEMISCOUR P and Hydrogen Peroxides.
  5. Reduced neutralizing chemicals, catalases, rinses: Finished bath pH value = 9.0 +/- 1 in comparing to pH of 13 – 14 by the conventional caustic method.
  6. Reduced workers’ fatigue: Just weigh in CHEMISCOUR P and Hydrogen Peroxides, no handling of other chemicals needed.

Please contact us for the users’ recommendations for :

  1. Cellulosic Yarn Pretreatment / Scouring (Kier dyeing machine)
  2. Cellulosic / Cotton knit fabrics ( Jet / Winch machines)
  3. Cellulosic / Cotton woven fabrics ( Jigger Machines )
  4. Cellulosic / Cotton woven fabrics ( continuous range ).
  5. Packings, storage and transport.