Lubrisil 350L

LUBRISIL 350L is a concentrated off-white paste type, surfactant resin blend.


It is designed to be used as a lubricant on synthetic fabrics and cellulosic garments as a special feel lubricating softener to fabrics. Non- and an-ionic in nature, it is colour-fast to light, does not cause yellowing to treated fabrics and garments.


Goods treated with LUBRISIL 350L will yield silky, soft silicone like handle, fuller volume and noticeably increase in water absorbancy and elasticity. It will enhance fabrics, garment abrasion resistance and sewability.


LUBRISIL 350L will not influence any of the fabrics physical properties adversely, be it colour fastness to light, washing and crocking.


The advantages of LUBRISIL 350L :

  • Ecotex 100 compliant
  • Highly effective in preventing crease marks on fabrics and garments
  • Universal lubricant for a wide variety of fibres, especially use on polyester and its blended fabrics
  • Non-yellowing, non- and an-ionic in nature
  • Hydrophilic
  • Antistatic
  • Imparts silicone-like silky soft finishes on polyester fabrics without risk of silicone spottings
  • Compatible with most chemicals, resins for dying and other wet processes ( prior compatibility tests needed ).


LUBRISIL 350L is not classified as hazardous.