Multichem XL – Wet Crock fastness improver

MULTICHEM XL is a multi functional environmentally friendly textile wet processing use reactive dye fixing agent, wet crock fastness, perspiration fastness enhancer all in one.

MULTICHEM XL is manufactured with hydrophillic polymers to provide the following advantages to reactive dyed cellulosic based fibres and fabrics.

  1. Enhances washing fastnesses
  2. Enhances wet and dry crocking fastness by 1.5 – 2.5 grades on grey scale
  3. Enhances perspiration fastness
  4. Enhances abrasion resistance / pilling resistance of treated fabrics
  5. Hydrophillic.


  • By padding for woven, knits
  • by exhaust for knits.

Please contact us for more information on user’s recommendations, physical properties etc.