Nanosoft NOSS

NANOSOFT NOSS is a high grade linear silicone co-polymer emulsion softener designed to be used in the textile / garment processing industries.


NANOSOFT NOSS is a polyether hydrophilic based silicone emulsion. It is easily dilutable in cold to warm water ( acidified water of pH 4.5 – 6.0 ) , at temperatures of between 15ºC to 50º C under slight mechanical stirring.


NANOSOFT NOSS is best used on cotton knits, polyester, tencel and their blends by methods of 1) padding  2) spraying and  3) exhaust.


NANOSOFT NOSS  does not contain APEO’s and banned amines. It is ECOTEX-100 compliant when used as recommended.


Typical Applications:

On textiles and garments wet processing to achieve:

  • Durable hydrophilic, clean, slippery, soft, dry feel
  • Durable softness and drape
  • Improved fabrics / garments tear strength
  • Improved fabrics / garments wrinkle recovery
  • Improved fabrics / garments elasticity, sew-ability
  • Improved soil resistance
  • Yellowing resistant, applicable on white and light colours too.


NANOSOFT NOSS  is non-flammable by itself and is not classified as hazardous for transport.


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