Pimaze AL Conc

PIMAZE  AL CONC is a concentrated thermal stable liquid alpha amylase enzymatic product developed specifically for use in warm to hot liquor (40°C  –  95°C ) desizing of textiles, fabrics and garments.

Treated goods will yield softer handle, excellent wettability, better dyeablility, overall less susceptible to problems that would otherwise surface during fabric / garment after processing.

PIMAZE AL CONC is a water-based product, non-flammable and not a marine pollutant.

Other advantages:

  • compatible with most desizing procedures
  • compatible with most non-ionic surfactants for desizing
  • it does not contain NP / APEO
  • good storage stability at below 40 C
  • easy handling
  • economical in costs ( due to pre-dilution with 10 to 15 times clean water before use)
  • long storage stability of more than 9 months
  • active at high temperature.