Piscean ACL, 3ACL, A6L

PISCEAN ACL, 3ACL & A6L are a series of  a combined industrial liquid cellulose enzyme preparation intended to be used as an anti-pilling auxiliary for cellulosic fabrics surface clean-up and as an alternative to the conventional fabric softeners. It yields permanent soft handle to all treated cellulosic materials and has good colour retention effect.


PISCEAN ACL etc.  can be in-corporated to treat denims and cellulosic materials to obtain aged, abraded looks and effects. They contain chemicals that help retain the initial shade and dyes of the fabrics during the treatment cycles. The products are water-based, totally biodegradable and will not stain fabrics.


Further informations such as physical properties, surface fuzz clean-up,  recommended dosages, packings etc can be obtained.  Please contact sales@pisceantechnologies.com.




Other version(s) so far : PISCEAN 3ACL, PISCEAN A6L