Piscean Softon M9

PISCEAN SOFTON M9 is a highly emulsified, weak cationic amino reactive micro-silicone ( 100 ∼ 150 microns ) emulsion intended for use as a high grade, concentrated silicone softener product to the textile / garment wet processors.


PISCEAN SOFTON M9 is compatible with most non-ionic and cationic textile auxiliaries, softeners and chemicals.


PISCEAN SOFTON M9 is Ecotex 100 compliant. It does not contain APEO and banned chemicals.


Typical Applications :

On textiles and garments wet processing to achieve :

  • Durable silicone surface and body feel
  • Improved fabrics  / garments tear strength and wrinkle resistance
  • Improved fabric / garments elasticity
  • Visibly reduced yellowing compared to other cationic softeners and cationic silicones
  • Improved silicone yield due to its reactivity with fibres under long liquor ratios
  • High active, low dose.


PISEAN SOFTON M9 is non-flammable by itself and is not classified as hazardous for transport.


Please contact us for more information such as on the recommended usage conditions and properties.