No. Product Category Product Series Properties / Uses
1. Pre-treatment BIOSCOUR AZ series A combined chemical product designed for the scouring and pre-treatment preparation of cotton prior to the dyeing and finishing processes.
BIOSCOUR NL series A weak acid to neutral pH, liquid type, combined enzymatic product designed for the bio-scouring and pre-treatment preparation of knitted greige cotton, fabrics and cellulosic blended goods prior to the dyeing and finishing processes.
2. Wetting Surfactants TOP- series A non-ionic, fast water soluble, low to no foam textile use wetting, scouring and emulsifying agent.
3. Anti-foams

And Defoamers

PIDEFOAMS series A textile use, water dilutable defoamer. It is specially compounded to be stable under wide ranged of pH in the textile dyeing and finishing industry, as well as effective under high temperature conditions above 95°C for a complete processing cycle.
4. Dye Levelling Agents COLORIN series An eco-friendly water soluble liquid reactive dye levelling agent for dyeing of cotton and other cellulosic blends.
5. Sequestering Agents PISEQUEST series Have excellent chelating action on calcium, magnesium, iron, and other metallic salts. Suitable to be used in various textile wet processing stages, e.g. scouring, bleaching, dyeing, soaping and other enzymic treatments.
6. Catalase Enzymes OXYLASE series A specially designed, industrial use highly active catalase liquid preparation intended for use in the dyehouses to neutralize peroxides immediately after fabrics scouring/semi-bleach processes before dyeing with reactive dyestuff.
7. Soaping Agents BIOSOAP series A latest revolutionary product that is based on advanced eco-friendly components which convert hydrolysed and unfixed reactive dyes into colourless or non-dyes in liquid medium. It is an environmental friendly and easy to use product which helps save energy, time and water consumptions. It enhances washing, wet crock and other fastnesses in the treated reactive dyed fabrics.
SOAPEX series An eco-friendly water soluble, high molecular polymer enhanced with multi-purpose emulsifier surfactant-detergent. It is designed predominantly to be used for soaping of unfixed reactive dyes, as a dye dispersant and an anti-backstaning auxiliary. Its highly active contents and superior wetting, dispersing and emulsifying properties makes it universally effective for use in the textile dyeing and the laundry wet processing industries.
8. Cationic Fixing Agents CELLUFIX series A strong cationic non-formaldehyde fixing agent for the after treatment of reactive dyeing on 100% cotton and other cellulosic blended materials
9. Wet CrockFastness Improver CROCKGUARD series An environmentally friendly product that improves the dry and wet crock-fastness of dyed fabric and garments.
10. Softeners NANOSOFT series A high grade linear silicone co-polymer emulsion softener designed to be used in the textile / garment processing industries.
COTTONSOFT series An economical, concentrated, non-yellowing liquid softeners intended for a wide variety of applications, in softening fabrics, garments of natural and man-made fibres.
VIVASOFT series A 100% solid prill softener for fabric, leather and garment softening purpose. Weak cationic in nature, it exhibits excellent softness and smoothness on treated fabrics, leather products and garments.
11. Fire Retardants PISCEAN FR series A liquid flame retardant finishing agent specially designed to be applied on polyesters and non-woven fabrics.
12. Anti-bacteriaAgents ANTIBAC series An excellent broad spectrum anti-microbial / anti-odour additives designed to be applied into proteinous, enzymes solutions and other liquid type textile auxiliaries which may otherwise be infected with micro-organisms during production or storage.
13. Water/Dust/Oil Repellent HYDROIL GUARD series A multi-polymer water-based composition for use in the textile and garment applications. Treated fabrics will exhibit smooth hand-feel effect; will improve fabric tear strength and fabric / garment wrinkle resistance with no loss in dye shade of the fabric.